Are these the best ways to tackle intergenerational unfairness?


This 609-word blog post looks at a new report from the House of Lords, “Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness”, which makes a number of proposals including removing the state pension triple lock and extending National Insurance contributions past state pension age. Written on 29th April 2019.

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Article preview: The House of Lords has published a report aimed at tackling intergenerational unfairness, and the growing gap in wealth between younger and older people in the UK. There are some reasonably radical proposals within the report, including the removal of the state pension triple lock, getting rid of free television licences for the over-75s, and even doing away with free bus passes for pensioners. It’s an important issue to address because the retired population have higher average incomes than younger people. This is an unusual situation and something that appears to be fueling intergenerational unfairness. Within their report, ‘Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness’, the Lords say that “intergenerational fairness should offer the opportunity of a fulfilling life.”