Do you prefer your children or the taxman?


This 472-word blog post describes the reality of inheritance tax, explaining the residence nil-rate band and a rising number of inheritance tax refund claims following falling property prices. Written on 20th November 2019.

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Article preview: People tend to have some polarised views about the subject of Inheritance Tax. Either they feel that it is a horrible tax that deprives the next generations of hard-earned money and wants to do everything possible to avoid (avoidance is legal, its evasion that isn’t!) paying the tax. Or they might take a more relaxed view along the lines of, “my children are going to inherit far more than I ever did even after the tax has been paid.” This latter group are sometimes described as people who like HMRC more than they do their kids! After all, inheritance tax on death has a rate of 40%, and that means two children inheriting will only get 30% each!