How to keep your head during Brexit induced investment market volatility


This 770 word blog post is designed to offer investors some reassurance during times of Brexit-induced market volatility, pointing to the importance of diversification, taking the long-term view and not trying to time the markets. Written on 11th December 2018.

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Article preview: As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times”. With Brexit negotiations ongoing, it’s certainly interesting times in British politics, with likely consequences for investment markets. There’s still a great deal of uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit. The anticipated ‘decisive vote’ has been postponed, for now, so Theresa May can seek more reassurances around the Irish border backstop. We’ve also had confirmation from the European Court of Justice that the UK can unilaterally withdrew its Article 50 notice and effectively cancel Brexit, without seeking approval from other EU countries. We can’t know for sure what is going to happen next.