July 2019 Investment & Economic Update


This 1,142-word blog post offers a comprehensive overview of investment markets and the global economy at the start of July 2019. Our monthly investment update blog is one of our most popular products on FinCart; perfect for keeping your investors and professional contacts up to date. Written on 1st July 2019.

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Article preview: In our latest monthly investment update for July 2019, we take a look at how the global investment markets, economy and commodities are performing. The FTSE 100 index of leading UK company shares closed at the end of June at 7,425.63 points, rising during the month. The index was up by 263.92 points or 3.69%, making up for lost ground the previous month. UK stocks ended the month in positive territory, with trade tensions between the US and China starting to ease. Improved investor sentiment led to a rally for global stock markets. US President Donald Trump made concessions to China’s Xi Jinping during the G20 summit, with an agreement to delay the introduction of new tariffs, and also relaxing previously announced restrictions on the Chinese tech firm Huawei.