Moral ideals for expected inheritances


This 475-word blog post considers new research from Sanlam UK as part of their new report, The Generation Game, which found that more than 5 million people expect to receive an inheritance of more than £50,000. It looks at intentions to use these expected inheritances for charitable giving and socially responsible investing, ending with a call to action to make these decisions in the context of a robust financial plan. Includes a comment from Carl Drummond, a senior wealth planner at Sanlam UK. Written on 5th March 2019.

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Article preview: How do you plan to spend any inheritance you receive in the future? Despite a growing demand for inheritances to clear mortgage debts, pay for private education, and secure an income in retirement, our views are increasingly turning towards how we might help others. Thoughts of receiving an unexpected windfall, in the form of an inheritance, are enough to get anyone thinking about the possibilities. Some new research has found that 12% of under-45s who expect to receive an inheritance in the future plans to give some of that money to a charity or other good cause.