Opposite-sex couples set to gain civil partnership financial advantage


This 592 word blog post considers the proposed legislation for opposite-sex couples entering into a civil partnership, being offered access to a range of financial advantages, including tax, state benefits and pensions. Written on 11th July 2019.

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Article Preview: Millions of unmarried couples could be better off financially following new government proposals. The proposals are designed to extend civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples, resulting in these individuals becoming entitled to a range of financial wins. It follows an announcement made by the government last year to introduce opposite-sex civil partners. The plans for extending these civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples should be introduced by the end of 2019, under new government proposals. At the same time, the government has launched a consultation for couples in England Wales to ensure they can access the form of legal union that is best suited to them.This consultation will ask the public for their opinions on given opposite-sex couples the right to convert their existing marriage into a civil partnership, for a defined time.