Staying safe from tax refund scams


This 617 word blog post describes a warning from HMRC to remain vigilant about tax refund scams via email and SMS messages, with some tips for spotting and avoiding these scams. Written on 10th May 2018.



When an email arrives from the tax man, it can often provoke an emotional reaction. Fear – do I owe them a lot of tax? Anticipation – are they offering to refund me a lot of money? Confusion – I thought I had sorted out my tax return already this year! Scammers know that any communication from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is likely to get your attention. This is why they are increasingly sending fraudulent emails and SMS-messages, purporting to be from HMRC. The scam messages promise tax rebates in an attempt to trick you; they want you to share your personal financial details, including bank account numbers. Getting hold of your personal data is how they rip you off.